Thursday, October 04, 2012

Update: Love Machine Featured on Texas Car Wars

The '64 Chevy Impala from Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke was featured on last week's episode of Texas Car Wars.  Two guys with money go around Texas trying to save old cars.

I thought the Impala was long gone, but these guys found it.  It even still has Love Machine in the back window (we have Love Machine shirts)

This episode, Dukin' Donuts, re-airs this Saturday on Discovery at 2pm EST.

The car flippers see serious dough over this week's auction cars - a 1960 Ford F-100 panel truck, a '64 Chevy Impala, and a 1993 Lexus SC 300. But more than one of these cars just might be cursed.

Thanks to Cheech and Chong super collector, Mark, pointing this out to me.  Mark loves retro Cheech and Chong let me know if you want to contribute to his collection.

Update: The car was a replica.  The original car was destroyed a long time ago.

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