Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tommy Chong Announces The Art of Cheech and Chong Traveling Art Show

During his Potcast, Tommy Chong announced that he and Cheech are going to have a traveling art show, The Art of Cheech and Chong, soon.

Cheech will have his Chicano art, Chong will have his art which will include his bong collection.

In addition, there will be videos of their movies, outtakes that no one has ever seen before, a low rider car, possibly the Big Green Van from Up in Smoke.

Note from the Weedmaster:
1. Tommy has spoken of having a bong museum before.  Years ago, he even went so far as to lease a place for the museum (which seriously pissed off his wife, Shelby).
2. I seriously doubt there are any more outtakes from their movies.  Otherwise, they would have been on the DVDs.
3. I'm friends with the owner of the Big Green Van from Up in Smoke.  Cheech and Chong haven't even contacted them.

In conclusion, I think this is another idea that Tommy has which will never happen...just like his museum, Up in Smoke 2, Best Buds movie, etc etc.  I doubt he even spoke to Cheech about it.

Reminds me of the old days when he'd start selling a Tommy Chong comedy CD that wasn't even done yet and then kept buyers waiting for one year because he couldn't decide what artwork to use on the cover.

We will keep you updated.

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