Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheech Marin, Rich Guy that Buys Hispanic Art, Wins ALMA Outstanding Career Achievement Award

Alleged wife beater, Cheech Marin, received the Outstanding Career Achievement award this past weekend at the ALMA Awards. Cheech is a regular at this award show so I guess they figured they'd reward him.  He's a regular because he likes going to the gifting tent before the show and also gets a nice gift basket for showing up.  This is also why he does all the charity golf tournaments.

What has Cheech done to deserve this award?  Nash Bridges?  Golden Girls' Golden Palace?
Nothing really, he's just a millionaire that spends his money on Hispanic art for his mansions.  He then gets Target to sponsor an art tour.  All his art becomes an IRS write-off and he gets paid by Target.  Maybe he should win this award for this smart business dealing.

The ALMA Awards, which is hosted by George Lopez and Eva Longoria, airs on NBC this Friday.  ABC used to air it, but the ratings were so bad, they dumped it.

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