Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update: Tommy Chong on The Joe Rogan Experience

Tommy Chong was on The Joe Rogan Experience. It was a pretty thorough, interesting three hour interview with great Cheech and Chong stories. Thank you to The Joe Rogan Experience for  mentioning our site!


 To recap...I run cheechandchong.com for over ten years with Cheech and Tommy's approval. I kept the brand alive and got each of them lots of jobs ($$$). Tommy thanks me in his book. Tommy has me email Cheech to get them to reunite. They reunited. Tommy credits me in a Philly newspaper for reuniting them. Cheech and Chong's agents, managers and most importantly, Live Nation, tell them to get the site from me. I agree if they or Live Nation agree to hire me and give me tickets to shows when they're in town. They say no. Cheech and Chong file a UDRP dispute against me for the cheechandchong.com domain, they win, they put up a really terrible site with tacky merchandise and no news. Their site is rarely updated. I create cheechandchongfans.com and still have the same traffic and same sales at this new domain.

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