Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Very Cool Interview with Cheech and Chong from 1974

Someone posted a really cool 1974 interview with Cheech and Chong from the ABC archives. One of the first times Cheech revealed his dad is a cop.


realityfrominsanity said...

cool, thanks for posting my video on your website

and relayed by the weedmaster said...

Thanks for posting it on youtube.

Bubba Boing Boing said...

The English female interviewer is incredibly annoying. She sounds like she has never met anyone who has admitted to liking drugs and is self-righteously OUTRAGED that one could be.Every single question is in this prim,holier than thou voice and asking about drugs.Lou Reed was right about English journalists. They always try to make the person they interview look bad as if they are of perfect moral judgement.