Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Emergency Action Needed Against CISPA

Humanity needs your help.  We all need to team up and protest the internet censorship act, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).
The act allows your internet activity to be monitored.  It also allows the government to require you have an internet id.  You will need this id to access the internet, including your email.
All privacy will be gone.

We can only pray that Obama keeps his word this time and vetoes CISPA! But the protests will continue with or without him! Anonymous and its like-minded supporters are planning coordinated protests against: AT&T corporate offices May 1 through May 5 IBM headquarters May 4 through May 7 Intel headquarters May 8 through 13 Microsoft offices May 14 through May 19 Verizon Wireless offices May 20 through May 26 Bank of America headquarters May 27 through June 2 Chase Bank headquarters June 3 through June 6 Target stores June 15 through June 20 Walmart stores June 21 through June 25 CVS stores June 26 through June 28 Mastercard, Visa, and American Express June 28 through June 30. The group also plans a selective textbook vandalization effort against McGraw-Hill June 7 through June 10. Pepsi and Coca-Cola product boycott June 11 through June 14. Protesters are advised by the video to remember their Guy Fawkes mask at all events.

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