Sunday, February 05, 2012

New York Post Completely Disses Rob!

Ok, so anyone that's watched the new Cheech Marin/Rob Schneider sitcom, Rob!, knows it's horrible.  The jokes are very stupid and simple.  There are apparently a lot of stupid and simple people in this country and they're watching this piece of garbage.

All the critics, including us, feel the same way.  I'd be embarrassed to be an actor on the show.

In a New York Post article today, Phil Mushnick had some funny things to say about the show.
"In just two episodes, CBS has provided conclusive proof that as long as a network keeps scraping at the bottom of that barrel, it’ll come up with something."
“Rob!, ostensibly, is about an Anglo-American marrying into a Mexican-American family. But it’s so much less than that."

Rob Schneider used to make the funniest edgiest comedic films and albums.  What happened?!?!

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