Monday, February 13, 2012

Cheech Marin Guest Speaker at CSUCI CEO Series

Here is an interview with Cheech Marin at the Martin V Smith School of Business and Economics at CSU in Camarillo, CA. The interviewer is a bit chatty. She talks over everyone she is interviewing.

One of organizers of the event promotes Cheech's web site. Cheech is trying to heavily promote his personal website and twitter page because, as we predicted, Tommy Chong and his son, Paris, have taken over their Facebook, Myspace and Cheech and Chong web page. Neither of the pages are updated. Occasionally, you'll get a Facebook post, but that's it.

When Cheech and Tommy and those horrible folks at Live Nation, sent their lawyers after me, I told them I'll give them the domain name, but let me (someone independent) control it. I told them that they'll argue over the site and it'll never get updated. Their agent insisted this wouldn't be the case.

I was correct. They are arguing over the sites and the sites suck.

They used me to promote their gigs and I was responsible for getting them work and money. I was responsible for reuniting Cheech and Chong. Cheech and Tommy have admitted this in books and articles. Instead of thanking me, they filed UDRP case and won the site. They abandoned me.

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