Thursday, August 11, 2011

We're Glad Lopez Tonight was Canceled

George Lopez' show, Lopez Tonight, has been canceled by TBS. He's a funny guy and sure, he had Cheech and Tommy on there multiple times.

However, when the George Lopez show was on the air, his publicist emailed us looking for free Cheech and Chong merchandise. We said we would if the merchandise would be featured on the show. His publicist agreed.

We sent him tons of free merchandise. The items were never featured on the show. His publicist denied he made such a promise. I forwarded him the emails. He stopped denying it, but he implied that his company also represented Cheech and implied he'd cut off my access to Cheech information.

Years later, George Lopez' wife gives him a kidney and then they get divorced.  Classic!

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Anonymous said...

Lopez concluded his monologue by saying, “We are not saying goodbye, we are saying cable doesn’t work.”