Monday, August 08, 2011

Stacey Keach Joins Cast of The Bourne Legacy

Stacy Keach has joined the cast of Universal's fourth installment of the Jason Bourne franchise titled "The Bourne Legacy."

According to Variety, Jeremy Renner has been cast as the lead.

Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaac have also been cast.

Joan Allen and Albert Finney will be reprising their roles from the previous Bourne trilogy as CIA agent Pam Landry and Dr. Albert Hirsch, respectively.

Plot details are being kept under wraps except that the new lead character would not be Jason Bourne but another assassin who went through the same training that Jason Bourne went through.

Cheech and Chong fans may best know him as Sargent Stadanko in Up in Smoke and Nice Dreams.

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Anonymous said...

HEy Du Gesichtsbratze. Diesen Dreck hier interessiert keine sau! Wir wollen einen neuen Cheech and Chong Film sehen!!! Alles andere ist uns total Panzi! Das kann doch nicht so schwer sein