Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tommy Chong's Intense Argument with Drug Czar

Tommy Chong was on CNN's The Arena.  Tommy is pushing Obama issue an executive order rescheduling marijuana from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 2 drug.

Paul Chabot, a former White House senior advisor of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and founder of the Coalition for a Drug Free California, was also on the show.

Chabot, of course, disagrees with Tommy...and so the argument ensued.

 "All President Obama has to do is sign an executive order rescheduling marijuana from Schedule 1, which says it has no medical use whatsoever, to a Schedule 2, which would allow it to be sold by prescription only. Then we'd be all done," Chong said.

Winner of this argument=Tommy Chong.


Gladys said...

i am a retired nurse who knows that legal marijuana use helps people afflicted wit h many diseases causing very severe,intractable pain.there are worse drugs prescribed for pain that cause worse problems,that are legally prescribed. because of the pain,many people either not realizing they have taken the med,overdose on them. some people die from the overdoses rather than the disease. of course,very few realize the cause of death could be an overdose. the person is simply found a nurse i have administered a drug called marinol-prescribed by a home it's is very easy for that same person to continue to be in severe pain and taking their meds,with no relief.woud it not be better for them to take,what is it called,a hit,than to repeat their pain med when it may be 4hr too early?many forget they have taken the mrd.might some of the cancer deaths at home be not because of the cancer,but an unintentional overdose? the patient has very little liklihood of becoming addicted. after all, when they are placed on heavy drugs,such as,fentanyl,morphine,and others aren't they usually close to death and won't be afforded the time to become addicted.for some reason, doctors withhold enough pain meds in this country to control that pain. one could only hope that those same doctors do not fall victim to the same diseases the rest of us have to deal with.

Gladys said...

an additional comment-i have never used any illegal drugs. and won't.

Anonymous said...

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