Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Bad Cheech Marin Pilot Not Picked up by Network

The Fox Network decided not to pick up the awful 30-minute Cheech Marin sitcom, Outnumbered.  It would have been Cheech's first sitcom in almost 20 years.

Inspired by the BBC sitcom, Outnumbered, which is being directed by Larry Charles, revolves around one set of parents Sue (Ana Ortiz) and Pete (Cliff Chamberlain) who are often overwhelmed by their three children. Marin will play Sue's dad, who is taking a pharmacopoeia of prescription pills and believes that sometimes the kids could use a good swat. Marin's only major previous comedy series gig was his role on the Golden Girls spinoff The Golden Palace. The Nash Bridges alum recently did an arc on ABC's Lost and co-starred in Robert Rodriguez's Machete.

This single camera show is so bad that Fox won't even be airing the pilot.  The British show this was based on was brilliant.  The Cheech & Chong films were brilliant, but Cheech is a terrible comedic actor and was completely miscast.

Some fast facts:
Golden Girls was a horrible sitcom and a horrible failure.  It aired on CBS.
Larry Charles was set to direct the Cheech and Chong reunion film which was written by Tommy's daughters.
New Line Cinema, the film studio, scrapped the film after Tommy was arrested.
Larry Charles left the project to do Borat, a huge success.
Larry Charles wrote for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld.
Cheech's last attempt at a sitcom was Fox TV's The Ortegas.
Fox kept postponing the show because it was terrible.  Back then, most shows on Fox were terrible so this was really terrible.
The Ortegas was originally an NBC show, but they decided they didn't want it.

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