Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attention Waldwick Voters! Vote NO for the School Budget.

Attention voters in Waldwick, New Jersey.  Tomorrow, you'll have the chance to vote yes or no for the proposed school budget.

Every year, you've voted yes because the Board of Education keeps telling you the kids will suffer if you don't.

Every year, your taxes increase because of it.

This year, they failed to tell you that the budget increase will be used to pay for mandatory drug testing in Waldwick High School.

This year vote NO!

Our taxes are too high.  You don't have money to waste on frivolous things.  Your kids won't suffer.  In fact, they'll suffer less because they won't have their rights violated with this mandatory drug testing.

Other towns don't pass the budget every year and are able to provide a great education with less money.

Save your town.

Vote NO!

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