Sunday, February 27, 2011

Richard Cheech Marin Gets Free Junk a The Oscars

Today, Emma Zerner of Splash News Report interviewed alleged wife and child abuser Cheech Marin at The Secret Room Oscars gifting suite at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.

Emma asks who Cheech would love to work with.  He says Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Idiocracy).  Emma appears to have no friggin idea who Mike Judge is so she just jumps to the next question.  She's clueless.

Cheech also says he's directing and acting in a film named El Valley Forge.  I guess this is another Spanish version of a classic film.  Cheech was once working on a Spanish version of Dracula which never got done so don't hold your breath.

Before every award show and charity golf event, these events have gifting suites.  Manufacturers will give celebrities very expensive free stuff with the hope that these celebrities are caught in front of the camera using or wearing these items.

This is very controversial because these items have been known to total as much as $20k in value and the celebrities often don't declare it.  I believe one of the award shows was unhappy one time when George Clooney his gift basket on ebay for charity.  The award show gift baskets are a dirty little secret.

Cheech loves these freebies.  This is why he does all those charity golf tournaments.  We don't know if Cheech declares his gifts to the IRS or not.  Cheech gets tons of free stuff and gets to ride around in a loaner luxury car when he does those BMW and Mercedes golf events.

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