Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheech Discusses their Tour and Special Guest at Morongo Show

As previously announced, the Cheech & Chong: Light Up America tour is coming to Cabazon, California's Morongo Casino Resort and Spa on September 18.

In an interview with the Record Gazette, Cheech Marin says they did 133 shows last year. “We are not going to hit it as hard as we did last year." In the interview, he also says they've come up with new material which requires some rehearsal.

When asked if Cheech & Chong will be making another film, Cheech jokingly says “It might be a remake of ‘Pineapple Express’...It will be ‘Pineapple Express- the funny version.”

For this show, fans will gets something special, San Francisco's DJ Joey Mojo will be helping out with their songs.

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