Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Cheech & Chong @ Vegas' The Pearl

Jay Murphy, writer for the Examiner, published a great review of last night's Cheech & Chong show at the Pearl at the Palms.

"The show opened with Shelby Chong presenting a very funny, racy, and bawdy insightful picture of home life with Tommy Chong. "

"Tommy was on fire all night, he was in a comedic zone. From comedy puff to puff unitl the team belted out “Up in Smoke” with audience members in a group share."

"When Tommy finished Cheech came on blazing and shined like a crystal. Cheech's expressions and body language showed his acting range as well as his comedic prowess."

They also announced that there will be a new Cheech & Chong movie in 2010 consisting of characters they haven't performed live before (no official word on this yet).

Read and see photos here.

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Bobby said...

Happy Smokin BIRTHDAY Thomas Kin Chong. Life is so much better now you and your man Cheech are makem' SMILE.
I hope you get some Oyster Tonight and some Lil Mexican hehehehehe Best wishes.
~ The Infamous Outlaw ~
Bobby Capps.
Tommy Chong The toughest Canadian in Calif. Best Dad and Husband on earth. Your a Stand up Guy! We THE PEOPLE know it.
Hi Cheech! Hope I can interview you a little better next time. I'd like to video some of your Golf game for you.
Hi Shelby ~ Next Poster Pin Up Girl inside the High Times Magazine!