Saturday, March 14, 2009

Excerpts from the Aussie Press Junket

Australia's Courier Mail interviewed Cheech & Chong during a press junket to promote their upcoming Light Up Australia tour. Most of the shows sold out instantly so they've added additional dates and cities (see Light Up Australia link at the top of this page).

They were cracking non-stop jokes so the interviewer often had difficulty determining when they were pulling his leg.

Cheech says they agree on more these days. Tommy says they don't bicker as much because he's deaf.

When asked about their preferred vices nowadays, Tommy said it's "falling asleep in front of the television." Cheech says "it's getting married...Jesus Christ, if this one doesn't work though, I'm out."

It's a really funny interview.

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And here's another interview. It was conducted by V247 when Cheech & Chong were in Texas.
Q: "Well it sounds like you guys are getting along really well now…."
A: Chong: "It’s gross. He touches me sometimes."

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