Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review: Cheech & Chong in Columbus, Ohio

Cheech & Chong fan, Mike Clark, provided a review of the February 21st Light Up America show in Columbus, OH.

"My wife and I attended your recent Columbus, Ohio concert. I have been a long time fan from way way back. About ten years ago, I bought your greatest hits CD and turned my four children on to the Bloaters, Sister Mary and many of your other classic characters. I heard about your “reunion” tour when you appeared on Howard Stern’s show. From the interview it seemed like the plan was as much about having fun as it was about making some easy money. So with that mindset I went online, found theColumbus date and dropped a C note plus on a pair of decent. Good news – the money was well spent. I had a blast and my Mrs enjoyed the show.

Most importantly, thanks for setting a fair price for the tickets. I imagine you realize that you could have charged much more but you didn’t. That fact coupled with the fun/energy you guys displayed caused me to renew my Cheech & Chong fandom for life."

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