Tuesday, February 03, 2009

NOW AVAILABLE! Still Smokin: I Love the 80s Edition DVD

Still Smokin: I Love the 80s Edition DVD is now available. It's the same great film, plus a special "I Love the 80s Edition" CD.

Film summary: Cheech and Chong are invited to a party in Amsterdam, but when they get there, everyone thinks they're Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. They go along with it. Classic scenes...In the hotel room, Cheech dresses as Eddie Torres: ET (the extra testicle); Cheech and Chong go to the steam room which is filled with homesexuals, Red Nick & Blind Melon Chitlins; Con Talk; Dope-A-Thon; police officer asks Jamaican to give him a blow job; championship wrestling; Bob & Margaret.

Throughout the film, Cheech and Chong are seen performing their classic sketches.

DVD Features: Subtitles in English. Bonus Trailer.

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