Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: Review: Bobby Capps See Cheech & Chong in Sacramento

The infamous outlaw Bobby Capps saw the Cheech & Chong: Light Up America tour last night in Sacramento, California.

He provided this review.

What a night! The energy coming off the crowd was so intense you could barely stay coherent to what you were thinking. Sacramento Memorial Auditorium was pure pandemonium when Shelby Chong hit the stage. I was up in Cheech and Chong's dressing room with my partner and lover, Ann, when I could here the roar.

There wasn't an empty seat in the house. I watched and listened as the crowd bared non-stop laughter. If any silence came from the stage, no audience member was going to let it be so. As Tommy and Cheech performed one of their original routines "Let's Make a Dope Deal," a silence came over the crowd only for a nanosecond. From the darkness arose CHEECH AND CHONG RULE and the crowd went wild. One stoner fan got his 15 seconds of fame as Cheech and Chong continued to show just why they have been able to survive so long.

The bad boys with the big pipe loads of laughter thrilled a packed house. Cheech Marin's magnificent wardrobe changes was like a Superman Clark Kent phone booth event. In and out he went back stage to get ready for his next segment of the show. First him, then the astronaut, the old lady, then Red, Pedro's cousin. Last but not least, the tutu from the rock fight at the Roxy.

Cheech was like flash Gordon on steroids. Cheech's dress up as an old lady looked like someone's grandmother. I'd hate for her to pinch my cheek and want to give me a great big kiss. Shelby Chong's finale with Tommy in their own version of dancing with the stars was a sensational hit.

I can only say that this was one entertaining show. I didn't hear or talk to anyone whom thought it wasn't worth the ticket. I have to tell you this outlaw had the best time talking a visiting with Cheech and Chong and Shelby and I now truly believe in my lets get high heart that Shelby is now and has been a full-fledged member of the Cheech and Chong phenomenon.

The only issue we saw was some Pirates selling phoney Cheech and Chong shirts outside the theater. I will say Cheech and Chong now know you're there and you may just be getting busted by Officer O'Maley if you continue to steal copy written materials from behind curtain number two. So for all you Cheech and Chong fans out there a video of the night and the announcement of a Cheech and Chong collectors dream, will be coming very soon. Please return for your chance at a plethora of goodies autograph and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Charity auction for autographed Cheech & Chong items begins in one week.

Another cool video. Fandemonium connects Cheech & Chong with their biggest fan.


Hmmm... said...

we are going on saturday the 31st in nyc and cannot wait...it seems like the chemistry never strayed and they are as flippin funny as ever!!!

Bobby said...

Lisette and Sean I wish you all the fun in the world I hope you guys saw all three segments of the video Its listed on Youtube Cheech and Chong and Shelby Chong Part 1 or Part 2 Part 3 Cheech and Chong and Shelby Part 2 We will be starting the Auction soon Im just closing up a few things to proceed