Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mary Beth Strikes Again...Hide Your Fake Penises

US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan is going after the "Whizzinator." You heard me...she's going after the manufacturers of a fake penis which helps people fool the drug testers.

"Undercover federal agents bought a Whizzinator, four heat pads, a vial of dehydrated urine and a syringe from the defendants in 2006 and 2007, each time at a cost of $157.50, the complaints state. " Plus, she's trying to seize their bank accounts.

This is the same Mary Beth Buchanan that wrongfully sent Tommy Chong to prison for nine months for conspiracy to send bongs in the mail.

This is the same Mary Beth Buchanan that raided Spectrum Labs and confiscated a/k/a Tommy Chong DVDs.

How classic is that? Your tax dollars at work.

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1 comment:

Bobby said...

Raided the whizzinator???? What a Dickhead!!!!!


Do you think she owns a B.O.B. Cause she couldn't possibly have a husband with that attitude in life.