Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fan Review: Cheech & Chong in Toronto

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This review was sent to us by John W.

The early show last night at Toronto's Massey Hall got off to a great start for me and my wife. While we were outside the venue before the show having a smoke!, Cheech and Chong come walking down the street with their handlers to enter Massey through the side entrance. I got to shake Chong's hand and got a huge grin from Cheech, as well.

After the great start, it would only get better. Thanks to the presale tickets I got through, we had fantastic seats for the show. As we got settled in to our seats, who sits in front of us but comedian Eugene Levy from the old SCTV and more recently the American Pie movies. First up was Chong's hot wife Shelby, who got things going with a little stoner humour and some funny stories of Tommy. After 15 minutes or so out comes Cheech to a standing ovation and so he begins the first routine of polishing up the love machine from Up In Smoke and then out comes Chong to wild applause and off they go. The skit has been updated a bit with ky jelly replacing the dogshit in the quarter pounder joint. Tommy's stand-up routines between the skits are hilarious. Hey Margaret was a classic with Cheech breaking up in laughter during the routine. Blind Melon Chitlin' was fantastic with the crowd singing along as was Cheech's "Mexican Americans". Ralph and Herbie had both comedians laughing during the skit crawling around on their hands and knees.

The sold out crowd was laughing throughout the show singing 'Born In East LA" with the comedians, but I didn't smell much smoke until towards the end of the show as I suspect most of us were buzzing before we entered the doors. Both Tommy and Cheech looked like the were enjoying themselves immensely, although there were a few mix-ups with the props everyone just laughed it off, as we all sang the words to the Up In Smoke theme song for the grand finale. Even though this was just the second show of the tour you can see that the chemistry between Tommy and Cheech is still there. A show not to be missed!!

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eyyo416 said...

I was stand about 5 feet away from you when they walked by. I saw them walk by me over my shoulder. I loved the show. It was more for the audience to show their appreciation for their past work and they rewarded us with re-enactments of our fav. C&C moments with a little twist on them.