Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fan Review: Cheech & Chong in Ottawa

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This review and photo was sent to us by Booche.

Spark a bowl because it’s high time we welcome back Cheech and Chong. The world was reintroduced to the Bob Hope Of Dope tonight in Ottawa. The air permeated with a stale stench of marijuana encrusted on dirty laundry with the accompanying excitement of anxiety that naturally follows. What were we about to see?

The room was full of a devoted love not felt from me since the Godfather of hippie’s most famous preacher, Jerry Garcia, graced an Eastern rug. An echoing holler began early while getting louder and louder as our internal clock counted down to four twenty. Finally the lights went out allowing the screams to become howls of joy. Shelby, aka Tommy Chong’s wife, opened the night with a 15 minutish bit that bordered on being uncomfortable because of too many drugs. Was it her or was it us? I don’t know if she has ever worked this act in front of a live crowd before but it was somewhat forced with moments of blinding clarity. Tough gig for her and I applauded all the way. She certainly did a good job with all the dicks in that room but I am confident it will only improve as the tour continues.

Upon her apt introduction of our favorite stoners, the room exploded into a state of pure bliss and what better way for them to start off with other than Cruisin’ With Pedro De Pacas. Were we really seeing this? Did it smell as bad as it looked? It’s expected one will return to an earlier self upon seeing your favorite scene from a stoner movie performed live, with updated dialogue, all the while defining who you are now but nothing will ever beat that gag. Ever. Cheech and his wardrobe won a gold medal tonight, as always. The shocker of the night was Tommy Chong’s standup routines, which surrounded many of the skits. This man is astoundingly talented. His characters, as well as his musical ability, are highly functional for someone who has apparently consumed in his life as much as we want to believe he has.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to spoil the party too much. Many of your favorite bits are performed. I thought Hey Margaret was incredible tonight. If you are a fan of Cheech and Chong or have at least gotten stoned, watched one of their films and laughed so hard you thought you actually pissed yourself, this gig is a must-see.


Bobby said...

Good Review I like it! Think Ill go get stoned now Byeeeeeeeeeee

smart-consultant said...

I can't wait for tonight - Halloween in Houston, TX!