Thursday, August 07, 2008

USA Today Interviews Tommy About His New Book

USA Today interviewed Tommy Chong about this new book, Cheech & Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography. He was on his way to his rehearsal with Cheech.

Tommy says regarding he and Cheech "We've never gotten along better than now." When asked if he misses the hippie era, he replied "I'm still in the hippie era! It's like a comfortable pair of blue jeans. It's an attitude. It's still with me."

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Bobby said...

8-8-08 Today is the day What if no one went to the opening of the Olympics today because they were all at home or in line some where waiting to get their Cheech and Chong tickets??

China is like How come you no come? We put on great show for you We have fire work We have dragon Why you no come olympics? What we got to do burn pot in da insense burning in order get you to come to Olympics? You come now We hire Cheech and Chong We know Tommy one of our own. he very intuitive man. You come We let Cheech ride on float or float by ride. What ever he want! He funny Nash Bridges Play Joe We like dat show You come Olympic