Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tommy Chong Book Tour: Live Coverage Day Two

Day Two
August 13, 2008.

Today was Day Two of the Tommy Chong Cheech & Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography book tour.

Bryant Park Reading Room(12:30PM):
There was a big crowd at the Bryant Park Reading Room in NYC. It's not really a room per se, it's actually chairs setup outside in Bryant Park. It lasted approx 45 mins. a/k/a Tommy Chong director, Josh Gilbert, asked Tommy questions and Tommy would respond. Tommy signed books afterwards.

We will post video tomorrow.

Book Release Party at the Cutting Room (9:00-11:00PM):
There was a special VIP book release party at the Cutting Room in NYC. It was sponsored by V2 Vodka. There were press people, a/k/a director Josh Gilbert and lots of people from the book publisher, Simon and Schuster. Tommy arrived around 9:30PM, spoke to people and posed for photos. He then got on stage, talked about his book and did 30 minutes of material. It was a great night. Thanks to Jessica from Simon and Schuster for getting us the invite.
Tommy's in Philadelphia Thursday.

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WilliamH said...

I saw Tommy at the Philadelphia Free Library 8-14-08, Tommy looks great and well spirited for 70 years old. The last time I saw Tommy was at the Keswick Theater performing The Marijuana-Logues on 5-6-06. In any event I was able to thank him for signing a tee shirt to veiw the shirt for charity and present him with a package of information,pictures and a begging letter asking for his and cheech's help in this matter. Also letting him know that myself and Jim Miller will be attending the Cheech and Chong show at the Tower in Philly on 9-12-08 at 7:30pm
The Cheryl Miller's Memorial Cheryl had MS and was denied medical marijuana passed away June of 2003. Her husband Jim Miller would like to keep her spirit alive and also help raise awareness of the medical benefits of marijuana which is legal in 12 States. Also an invite for Cheech and Chong to join in on The National candlelight vigils hosted by In November of 2008 date and time TBA for more info on past national candlelight vigils visit 2007 Candlelight vigils is not on the web page yet working on getting that done soon. Non the less what a political statement that would make if Cheech and Chong would consider joining in on the vigil just for a moment let the candle burn for both shows. All future candlelight vigils for medical cannabis patients would include Cheech and Chong for ever more. Together we can make a difference In Loving Service WilliamH