Thursday, August 21, 2008

Radio City Music Hall Public Sale Tomorrow

Comedy visionaries and pop culture icons Cheech & Chong arrive at Radio City Music Hall for Light Up America, their first tour in over 25 years!

With nine albums released from 1972 through 1985, the duo was nominated for four Grammy® Awards, winning the Grammy® Award for Best Comedy Album with their third album, Los Cochinos, released in 1973. Big Bambu, their second album, was the biggest selling comedy record of all time in 1972 and remained so for many years. Their stunningly successful comedy streak transitioned to film in 1978 with their first movie, “Up In Smoke,” the highest grossing comedy of 1978, topping $100 million at the box office. Cheech & Chong co-wrote and starred in a total of eight feature films together, all directed by Chong.

Tickets go on sale FRIDAY, August 22 at 4:20PM!

Pre-sale tickets available at: Music Today
Public Sale tickets available at: Live Nation

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