Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now Who Should We Vote For?

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are or were strong supporters of Obama. However, Obama's choice of Biden as his running mate, could cause problems.

Tommy Chong told the Washington Post, “Check out the people you’re voting for”... “For instance, Joseph Biden comes off as a liberal Democrat, but he’s the one who authored the bill that put me in jail. He wrote the law against shipping drug paraphernalia through the mail - which could be anything from a pipe to a clip or cigarette papers.”

We haven't heard from Cheech or Tommy as to whether or not this changes their votes.

Biden coined the term “drug czar” and has championed the Office for National Drug Control Policy.

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Bobby said...

I can tell you this much. I wont vote for the President based on Tommy Going to jail Voting is my privelagge and I will keep it a secret.
I can tell you this much I would rather write Cheech and Chong in on my ballot which I probably end up doing because I NO longer trust anyone who runs for the Office of President of the USA They are all bad

So join me and write Cheech and Chong in on your ballot

Dan said...

McKinney for President! Power to the PEOPLE!

Marc said...

Given a choice between Obama and any VP against McCain, the choice would still be Obama. The choice of a VP has more to do with getting elected than how that person would run the country. As a medical marijuana user, getting the DEA off my back is very valuable. Obama will do that. McCain will not.

colour with sound said...

chong said on dr. drew's radio show on 8/22 that even though biden was responsible for that bill, he still wanted to vote for obama even if biden was the running mate.. there's a podcast of the show here: