Friday, August 22, 2008

George Lopez Comments on the Cheech & Chong Reunion

The Dead Bolt had the chance to interview actor/comedian George Lopez. When asked about the Cheech & Chong reunion, he said "I know both guys. I wish them the best and I was always hoping they’d get back together"..."I think of any comedy, they’re the best living duo on earth, one of the few comedy teams - Laurel and Hardy, Burns and Schreiber, and Cheech & Chong is our version of Laurel and Hardy."

When asked if they'll last all the way through these shows, George says "They might not. I’ll tell you this: they’re not going to fly together and they may not stay in the same hotel room, so..."

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TrailerParkRuss said...

The funniest living comedy duo on earth. Yup I have to agree there! Cheech and Chong you may have a lot of water under your bridges. It may be a pain in the ass for you to pretend you are friends...but deep inside you guys must be fans of each other cuz you are two of the funniest people that ever lived!!! This is like a beatles reunion or Led Zep Except you are both still alive! From one fan this is a heartfelt THANK YOU for putting your differences aside to entertain your adoring fans! So Mr Cheech and Mr Chong....DONKEY SMELL!!