Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Video: Tommy Chong on LiveVideo Provides More Reunion Details

Tommy and Shelby Chong were broadcasting on their LiveVideo channel this evening. It began at 9PM PST and lasted for one hour. This was their second live broadcast. The first took place in the beginning of June.

They answered lots of questions from fans.

Tommy revealed that he and Cheech recorded three really funny Obama commercials which will be on youtube soon. It involves a cardboard cutout of Obama and graffiti.

He also revealed that he and Cheech will be doing 30+ comedy dates beginning in September. The preparation and stand-up gigs will be filmed for a feature release from the Weinstein Company.

There will be additional films after this stand-up film.





TrailerParkRuss said...

Thats far out man.. Cheech and Chong! I will buy 5 tickets!!! High Tommy and Shelby. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all you do weedmaster!PEACE

Bobby said...

I think the name of Tommy's Religion should be called,
" The Church of Cannibas Cain"
It's Dawg Not Dog!
Did you notice when Shelby holds up the shirt then drops it the camera is focus on her breast the camera man moves it really fast like he was all scared. He should have left it for a minute Shelby is hot!
I hope the movie gets started soon or is he just talking about them getting back together doing stand up?

Bobby said...

hahahha Tommy got fanned by Jack Funny Now he knows how I feel!

Mooky said...

Sucks I just found out about the chat this morning. I didn't notice the date on the myspace bulletin at first. Anywho, funny as always. I hope Cheech will grow the mustache back for the new movie.