Monday, July 14, 2008

RIP Carol Van Herwijnen

Danish actor, Carol Van Herwijnen (1941-2008), passed away in Amsterdam on July 7, 2008. Van Herwijnen was the hotel clerk in Cheech and Chong's Still Smokin. He was in many films and was also the voice of one of the Smurfs in the original Smurfs cartoons. In 1988, he won the Louis d'Or (the Dutch equivalent for the Tony Award for best actor).


TrailerParkRuss said...

RIP Carol Van Herwijnen
You will live in our laughter in our hearts every time we think of mr burt and mr dolly! gods speed

Bobby said...

If Ive said it once I have said it twice Time is running out so take time and gho see your heros
RIP Carol Times were once I could puff cough and laugh Now I just puff and cough Good bye

Looking forward to Cheech and Chongs reunion Dang its been a long space trip

Malicious Matt said...

Goodbye Carol Van Herwijnen.


(Hope The Next Place Is Better Than This Nut House... Better than "RIP" I think! ;-)

Miga said...

He wasn't Danish, but Dutch.