Thursday, July 03, 2008

How Heather Haze Got to Appear in the Cheech and Chong Obama Commercials

During his LiveVideo chat last night, Tommy said that he and Cheech filmed three Obama commercials which will be on youtube soon.

Musician, Heather Haze, got to appear in the commercials.

Here's how it happened...

"Well, here’s my story. There I was, playing my sax on Hollywood Boulevard, when suddenly a woman wearing an audio set rushes over to me and hands me a twenty, saying, “Hey, would you mind not playing for about twenty minutes? We’re filming over here.” I looked at her a second, laughing inside, and said, “Sure!” So I pocketed the twenty, picked up my stuff and wandered over to see what the hubbub was about. There was Cheech and Chong, playing the blues, next to cardboard cut-out of Obama. I just watched for a bit, amused, when suddenly the guy next to me gets excited, “Hey, it sounded like you were in the same key…why don’t you jump in the shot and play?” I chuckled and said, “Nah, I couldn’t do that.” Then he said, “No no, it’s okay, I’m with the crew. Get in there!” So next thing I know, there I am, jamming with Cheech, Chong, and Obama.

Heh. You never know what’s gonna happen in Hollywood, baby. ;)"

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dee said...

What happens in Hollywood should not stay in Hollywood!!!!