Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cheech Talks About A Perfect Game

Cheech Marin spoke to beliefnet about his new film, A Perfect Game.

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Bobby said...

Hey Cheech,

I miss working with you haha! The Old Nash Bridges days were fun except for working with DJ. Did you ever figure it out about why you thought you knew me? Anyway I talked with Rae Dawn about a script that would be way better than the drug movies for you and Tommy. She said she thought it was a great idea I came up with I sent her a treatment. I want to work with you again This time let me act! I loved the art collection and told Melissa about covering the show in SF for this website. The weedmaster thought I wrote a good story as well. Ask him for my email if your interested in the treatment I wrote I can assure you its not filled with drugs and I understnad why you dont like doing that any longer. My buddy is friends with Dean in the house. I think you understand that one. Ciao Ill go see the movie The trailer looked like a fun movie. This is my imdb res. See if you remember.
B Capps.