Friday, June 06, 2008

Video: Tommy Chong in Jacksonville

Tommy and Shelby Chong are in Jacksonville this weekend to perform at the Comedy Zone. First Coast News interviewed Tommy.

He reiterates that he and Cheech are reuniting. He says he knows he's said this before, but it's for real this time.

Watch Here


Bobby said...

Well i hoe Shelby will be in this as shes been a big part of them and she prettys up the sets. Aitn that Right Tommy?

Bobby said...

(Hope) not Hoe sorry My hands hurt Im old and full of arthritis I wont be typing much longer

and relayed by the weedmaster said...

Hands probably sore from whackin it too much. ha ha

Bobby said...

hahahah At least Im getting some even if it was by Rosie Palm hahahah It really tough when your own hand denies you isnt it lmaoooo Hey Pass the joint dude and Im not talking the one in your pants I need a hit Im dying here