Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Tommy Chong had a live video chat last night and posted videos on his brand new LiveVideo channel.

Tommy and Shelby talk about Tommy's 70th birthday party. A lot of people ate the "brownies."

Shelby revealed that Cheech and his girlfriend, Natasha, attended his party. She accidentally revealed that Cheech and Tommy will be going on tour, doing stand-up together. They will be doing their greatest hits. Shelby will be the opening act.

The tour starts in September. Tommy's new book, Cheech & Chong: The Unauthorized Biography, comes out in August. Tommy's also working an animation project with Lou Adler's (director of Up in Smoke and their albums) animation company.

They also plan on doing a new movie.

More details to come.


mooky said...

SWEET!!!! This is fantastic!!! I hope that it happens and not just saying it will and then the usual b.s. of them working together like when they tried to do the movie thing..Best of luck guys!!

Bobby said...

And the band plays on!

Malicious Matt said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan I hope it all works out! When you say this stuff to a Cheech & Chong fan, you're messing with their emotions! lol

Tommy and Shelby: YOU RULE!!

Boo_Lee said...

That's GREAT , if you guys do start touring please try to come to Merrilville, IN

Herb said...

Bob Marley died because of melanoma, a cancer which is curable. He refused medical treatment for religious convictions, and died shortly thereafter when the melanoma spread in a process called metastasis, infecting other organs of his body.

Malicious Matt said...

Yeah, but Marley's cancer started in his toe with an infection from a soccer injury.

Bob Andrade said...

I loved Cheech & Chong and back in
the early 70's I've seen them twice
live. I had just about everything
they did. Seen their Movies but to
get back together NOW.. at their
age and do all that old Drug stuff
I don't think that will work. Don't
get me wrong. but I think they will
'BOMB' I say don't do it. Too many
changes have happened sense then.

Rev Sully said...

I'm going next Friday!!!