Saturday, May 24, 2008

Video: Tommy Chong's ChroniCaster

Mike Edison, editor and publisher for High Times, designed the ChroniCaster guitar with Tommy Chong. It was to be used in an aborted High Times movie. It's a plexiglass guitar with a built-in bong.


TrailerParkRuss said...

I WANT ONE!!!! WHERE AND HOW MUCH!!!!!!????!!!!!

Bobby said...

Play that Funky Music White Boi!
You gonna choke from the smoke cause you lightened up your toke.Do you feel like weed do? While my guitar gently rieks Oh this is too cool What a cool idea. I wonder if someoone actually played this in concert would they go nuts Maybe Tommy Should play it in a youtube thats says Smoke gets in your eyes Mary Beth hahahahahah

Malicious Matt said...

YO! That is the illest fuckin axe I ever seen son!!! That would be perfect for long sessions, no need to stop playing to roll a spliff! LOL!

Plus, if you get busted by the cops you can say its one of those Peter Frampton talk-box things!