Monday, May 05, 2008

Tommy Chong Tour Dates Added

Tommy and Shelby Chong are touring all over the place. Check out the dates we've added under "Current Events."

The show is really farrrr out!


lisasalus said...

Saw Cheech and Chong tonight at the Comedy Store in LJ.... couldn't wipe the smile off my face. They brought it back to the old days with the famous Up In Smoke car skit... gotta love it!

mary b said...

Saw Cheech and Chong and Shelby last night at the Tower Theater in Philly -- they rocked the house! Hilarious, we loved it!! Only bummer is I had no cash to buy my honey a cool t-dye T-shirt. If anyone knows how to get one, let me know. This is a stoner reunion you won't wont to miss. Enjoy!!

chris said...

Saw Cheech and Chong last night at Warner Theater in Washington,Dc. I have to say age has not effected these guys performance at all. I heard them the first for time when I was 10. My mom was a partier and always had there albums on. It was like being 10 again and I am 40 now. Great to have you guys back. OH and Tommys wife is HOT and funny as hell to. Do yourselves a favor and check this show out. Love You Guys.