Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Low Price On Being There DVD

We've just lowered the price on the Being There DVD.

BEING THERE is based on Jerzy Kosinski’s short comic novel about a simpleton, Chance (Peter Sellers), raised in isolation whose only education came from watching TV. When he’s forced out of the house where he worked as a gardener by the death of the wealthy recluse who raised him from infancy, he fortuitously struck by a limousine carrying Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), the wife of a wealthy industrialist.

In BEING THERE, he presents a comic fable about a man whose entire sense of reality came from watching television. Sellers is marvelous as the always-deadpan cipher in whom everyone he meets sees whatever it is they need to see. Shirley MacLaine, Jack Warden, and Melvyn Douglas give outstanding performances in this biting satire directed by Hal Ashby.

ALERT: Cheech and Chong are in this film. There's a scene where Peter Sellers turns on the TV and watches a cartoon short. The carto on is the sketch Basketball Jones, from Cheech and Chong's infamous Los Cochinos album. This is the only place you'll see this cartoon. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PICKING IT UP. It's essential for C and C fans.

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