Monday, August 14, 2006

Tommy's NYC Press Tour

For the next three days, author Tommy Chong is in NYC promoting the release of his book "The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint". We'll be providing complete coverage.

Here are the highlights from today's appearances:

WB11 Morning News
-Very short interview.
-His wife Shelby invested in and made a lot of money from real estate in Toronto.
-Regarding reunion with Cheech, "you can't get a rich mexican to work". Cheech has moved on. He's working with Don Johnson now (reference to Cheech portraying a cop on the tv series Nash Bridges).

Howard Stern Radio Show
-By far, his best appearance on Stern.
-Wore shirt "Hemp is an herb. Bush is a dope."
-Claims George Bush, Jr's jumpiness indicates he's doing coke again.
-Claims George Bush, Sr's hand motions during a debate with Clinton indicate he did coke before the debate.
-Reagan's speech writer whom Tommy did time with, claims Reagan smoked pot.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger has smoked more than weed.
-Tommy still makes pipes as a hobby.
-He got stoned with George Harrison on multiple occasions. One time George was on one side of him and Tony Dow, Wally from Leave It To Beaver, was on the other side...all smoking.
-Smoked pot with every Beatle, but Paul. However, Lennon was on the other side of the room so they technically weren't smoking together.
-Tommy gave Cheech the bongs the feds didn't take.
-Son's girlfriend is niece of Eric Idle. Eric's play, Spam-A-Lot, made Tommy decide to write a play based on Up In Smoke. Play name: "Pipe Dreams." Claims that after Cheech heard this, Cheech decided he'd do the same thing.
-When they were still together, Cheech would give Tommy some ideas for a movie, but Tommy would do the actual physical writing.
-They broke up because Cheech felt guilty about the way Mexican's were portrayed in their movies. Tommy knew it was over when he went to see Cheech one time. One of Cheech's people told Tommy that Cheech was having a meeting with members of the hispanic community and asked Tommy to wait outside.
-Leno wouldn't have Tommy on to promote the book because he had already had him on before he went to prison.
-Will probably go back on tour with the Marijuana-Logues when the book tour is over.
Stern Recap With Photos

WNYC Leonard Lopate Show
-Audio of interview can be found here.

Sirius Satellite's Jay Thomas Show
-Wants to come out with skateboard with his face on it.
-Jay Thomas has known Cheech and Chong since the 70s.
-Jay told old story about when he and his wife were entering the limo with Cheech and Chong. Cheech made a joke about clearing some space for her to sit down. Cheech still uses that joke. In fact, we think it's the joke Cheech uses in Up In Smoke when the blonde gets into the back of the green van.
-Apparently, Jay Thomas is good friends with actress Edie McClurg. Edie played the queen in The Corsican Brothers and Gloria's mom in Next Movie. Jay had her on the phone. Tommy got Edie to reveal that she flashed both he and Cheech while on the set of The Corsican Brothers.

WFNY-FM's Radio Chick Show
-Typical boring interview.
-Tommy spent approx $200,000 on legal fees.
-Other celebs in prison: 2 football players, 1 baseball player.
-New Line Cinema didn't want to do director Larry Charles' $30 mill reunion script so Chong wrote one while in prison. Cheech wouldn't read Chong's script because he didn't want to be subservient to Chong.
-The DVD for a/k/a Tommy Chong will be released in November.

Headline News Showbiz Tonight
-Very short interview. Nothing new was discussed.

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