Monday, August 14, 2006

Manhattan Book Signing

Tommy arrived shortly before 7PM and began speaking at 7:15PM.During the 45 minute discussion, Tommy spoke of his wrongful persecution and what it was like being in prison. Most of this can be found in his book. He also included additional stories and anecdotes.

Tommy looked super-relaxed and was very well-spoken. Everyone inthe 300+ audience was captivated by his wise words. Much of what he said focused on the bible and religion. Tommy then began taking questions from the audience. We asked him about how he told EW that he's currently working on what will be "one of the biggest-grossing movies ever in the history of the world." He said it will be the "Passion Of the Christ" of comedies. He said he couldn't provide any additional information at this time.

All in all, it was a fun night. We met a lot of great people. Court TV's Hollywood Heat was filming this for inclusion in their show on Tommy which should air Thurs, August 24th.

We have video of his entire intro, but will wait until after the book tour is over to post. Don't want to ruin the suprise for people.

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