Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrity Duets Reviews Are In

Fox-TV's new show, Celebrity Duets, achieved big ratings, but mixed reviews for last night's premiere. Here are the opinions on Cheech.

USA Today

"Cheech Marin is genial enough, but has no business singing straight."

Palm Beach Post

"Cheech Marin, who would probably come in first in a mumbling/singing contest. One too many puffs on those funny-looking cigarettes may have cost Cheech a singing career."

"I'm surprised that Cheech Marin wasn't the first contestant eliminated. Though Cheech's performances left me wondering why he was even on the show, his personality impressed the judges."

The Trades
"Cheech’s singing ability isn’t really mentioned by any of the judges, which is a good thing for him, and even Brady slips in a “Dave’s not here” reference."

"Peter Frampton's first partner, Cheech Marin, was not so great, but not so bad that everyone would jet to the bathroom if he sang at a karaoke club. Frampton himself was just okay; the real star on the stage during their duet was the shirt he was wearing, which featured a huge bat lifting up a skull."

"Cheech Marin and gymnast Carly Patterson should be the next to go."

We still stand by our opinion that Cheech was super-nervous and that his true voice will come out if he relaxes.

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